Our Services

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Lime repointing and render works:
We choose the right lime and sand mixes for the various granite, slate and stone buildings that we work on. Many rubble stone buildings were originally lime rendered, adding a distinctive feature that many older building wish to maintain for authenticity.

Limewash decoration:
Seven coats of a traditional limewash is a lovely finish to lime work. We also use other breathable paints when required or necessary.

Stone masonry:
This includes rebuilding barn walls, structural supports, mouldings, garden walls and hedging.

Roofing and leadwork:
From full re-roofing, patching and lead work, to slates, reclaimed slates and all timber works and insulation –  we can do it all.

Timber work:
Whether it’s all round carpentry or significant structural timber work, floors and roofs – we’re experienced in all areas.

Limecrete floors:
A dry breathable floor is one of the best ways of keeping damp out from the base of a property and up through the walls. However, this is not always suitable and investigation should be carried out in the first instance.

Stone walls: 
Stone walls are a masonry construction that have been used for thousands of years. They’re usually made of local materials varying from limestone and flint, to granite and sandstone.