Chywoone Farm

The transformation of a wonderful barn complex…

Rothwell Historic Restoration was contracted to work on this impressive barn complex in Newlyn.

The client, architects from London, had a great vision to restore the barns to their original glory.

Large sections of the walls were pulled down and re-built using lime mortar and reclaimed granite. All joints were raked out and re-pointed with lime.

The roof was a design of steel trusses, which were craned on to concrete padstones set on to granite walls. It then had a beautiful lime wet laid scantle reclaimed Delabole slate roof.

Large oak beams were installed over the openings; the brickwork around the windows was taken from an existing collapsed chimney.

Internally the walls had a prompt cement, that were then studded, insulated and pine match boarded.

The results were excellent, with a very traditional external look and contemporary internal design.

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