The New Inn

A blend of old and new at The New Inn, Manaccan…

The New Inn at Manaccan is an ancient hostelry, the sole survivor of some five pubs and alehouses in a small Cornish village.

With its thatched roof and rustic charm, the pub welcomes locals and visitors alike with equal friendliness.


Rothwell Historical Restoration was commissioned to blend old and new, marrying the history of the previous cob and thatched property with a fantastic new restaurant and washrooms.

Reclaimed Delabole slate was used on the roof, with Cornish granite on the external walls. Elsewhere Cornish slate and Lime mortar pointing was utilised.

These materials, along with hardwood windows, doors and posts, gave the building a great finish.

Inside Rothwell Historical Restoration built an entirely new bar and opening, whilst restoring a beautiful Inglenook fireplace.

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